Danny Colletti – Creative Director/Senior Partner – MC & DJ

With over 25 years experience in the event industry, Danny will create the ideal atmosphere for you and your guests. Besides a senior partner, Danny is also a full time MC and DJ for The Colletti Group. Dan has performed at thousands of successful events since the 1980’s.

Danny is well known and respected in the event industry. Danny is the perfect choice for your most important event.

Steven Porretto – MC, DJ
Creative Director & Senior Partner

Steven Porretto has entertained at over 14 thousand successful events since 1987. His desire to create an unforgettable event has been his passion for over 25 years. Steven is a senior partner for The Colletti Group and also remains a very active MC for Events. Steven brings class, energy and style to all events, is well known and respected in the entertainment industry

Brandon – MC/DJ

Brandon is the quintessential people person. He loves to see others dance and enjoying life. With over 15 years experience as an MC, Brandon is the perfect choice for your event.

Bobby – DJ

Bobby has been working with The Colletti Group for over 12 years and is one of our top DJ’s. Bobby is an excellent beat mixer and has worked with accomplished acts like Avicii, Calvin Harris and DJ Mimic.

Dan – DJ & Technician

Dan is a great DJ and helps technical work of our gear. Dan is also Danny’s son and has been involved in the event industry at a very young age.

Steve – DJ & Zap Shot Photographer

Steve is a great addition to our company as a DJ and also takes amazing pictures with our zapshot plasma packages.

Stephen S. DJ/MC

Stephen has been working with The Colletti Group for over 15 years and is a great DJ and energetic MC.

James B – DJ/MC

James has been with The Colletti Group for over 20 years and is an accomplished DJ and MC.


Specializes in Latin Events and is an excellent DJ. Geo plays a mix of Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, Latin & American Pop music

Keith – DJ & Zapshot Photographer

Keith is a part time DJ and also takes wonderful pictures as our zapshot (candid) photographer.

Gus – DJ

Gus is a great DJ for any private event. His good
looks and personality will keep your guests dancing
all night long.

Chris T – Percussionist

Chris is an amazing percussionist and is one of our top performers for any private event. Chris brings energy to any event with his skills and talent. When not touring with The 80’s group ‘The Touch”, Chris is working with The Colletti Group

Joey L. – Percussionist

Jules R. – Percussionist

When not touring the world with Blue Oyster Cult, Jules brings energy to any private event.

Rick – Percussionist

Rick adds rhythm to the rhythm and is an excellent addition for an event.

Joshua – Pianist & Keyboard Player

Joshua is from the school of Juilliard and is an exceptional pianist. He teaches music to local schools on Long Island and performs around the country with many well known orchestras. Joshua has been with The Colletti Group for over 5 years and is also in charge of scheduling many of our performers.

Mike – Saxophonist & Flute Player

Mike adds energy to an event with his skills a strolling saxophonist during a reception. During cocktail hour Mike adds a touch of class with our Jazz trio. Mike also plays flute for ceremonies.

Tony C. – Vocalists

With classic standards like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Steve Lawrence, Michael Buble’ & more, Tony adds charm and style to any event. Tony tours the country performing with orchestras and works with The Colletti Group


Is one of our technicians and maintains our equipment. Matt also a great zap shot photographer.