The Colletti name has been in the Event Industry since 1965.  Gus Colletti Orchestra’s was established by Dan’s father Gus Colletti and provided 17 talented bands to their clients throughout the United States. Some band artists included Rick Mango, Jay Black, Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge and many more. Elvis Presley even bought the song “wear my ring around your neck” from Gus Colletti.

Since the 1970’s The Colletti’s name was one of the biggest entertainment companies in the Industry and still is today.

Dan Colletti, Gus’ son, was introduced to the event industry at the age of 3 years old and his business partner Steven Porretto has been in the event industry since the age of 18 with an audio degree and Bachelor’s Degree from NYIT at the age of 22. Steven has produced and directed many films and has worked with many musical talents since 1988 groups like Taylor Dayne, Johhny O, TKA, George Lamond, Public Enemy & more.

Together, Dan and Steve took their experiences and reputation, forming The Colletti Group. Which continues the quality and service that Gus Colletti Orchestra’s provided 40 years ago.

Dan Colletti and Steven Porretto have performed at over 15 thousand successful events combined. There staff of DJ’s, MC’s, live musicians, cinematographers, photographers and more will be loved by you, families and guests.

They’ll work closely with you in every aspect to determine every detail and focus on your most important day. The success of your event is as important to them as it is to you! .